Renovatio Youth LeadershipProgram

The Process

Begins with an

Intensive application.  We are interested in committed students who are willing to devote the necessary time to competently and accurately display their abilities.

Initial contact must be made through e-mail where a pre-screening process will determine if RYLP is the right fit for the applicant.  

Applications are then e-mailed and can be ether electronically returned or via united states postal service.

The application consists of demographic information, a series of essays, and letters of reference. 

The $50 application fee is waived with the submission of an additional essay.

  • our application process is a test of your ability 
  • to follow directions
  • think about your future
  • set goals
  • demonstrate your knowledge of current events
  • effectively communicate your ideas
  • for reflective self assessment
  • work with others

Talk to RYLP graduates, contact us at for their e-mail addresses.

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