Renovatio Youth LeadershipProgram

The Journey

Our journey together begins

with an intensive 1-3 week summer program with workshops designed to spark your imagination, identify your triggers, challenge your comfort zones, and affect change. 

We offer 3 separate programs: for rising high school seniors, rising high school freshman, and then for sophomores and juniors.  Each program targets the needs of that specific year in school and lays down a foundational path for success.

The journey does not end with the summer program.  Our mentors remain in contact with their students throughout their high school experience and into college.  Students return each summer for more advanced workshops, to re-connect with their peers, and to pay it forward through peer mentoring incoming students.

Mentoring can many times produce life-long relationships.  Our members are taught to always reach back and help someone with the same conviction with which they were helped.  Civic engagement through paying it forward is a core principle of Renovatio. 

  • Our workshops cover
  • Prodigious Leadership skills
  • Career Exploration
  • College Application
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships for college
  • Writing skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Financial Management
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • How to Survive in High School
  • How to plan for and survive in college
  • Effective Leadership in a Diverse World

Talk to RYLP graduates, contact us at for their e-mail addresses.

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