Renovatio Youth LeadershipProgram

Staffing & Activities


Who are we? A volunteer driven organization with staffers who are paying it forward

Dr. L. Mendez Catlin, M.A., M.Ed., Ed.D.
Columbia University
CEO, Chair, & Founder
Former Dean at Bryn Mawr College
Former English Composition Professor

Mr. I. Douglas, B.S.
Rutgers University

Dr. L. Catlin, M.D.
Hahnemann Univ School of Medicine
Chief Financial Officer

Ms. L. Samaru-Charles-Douglas, B.A., M.A.
Bryn Mawr College, Middlebury College
Consultant & Resident Advisor,

Ms. R. Welsh, B.A.
Kutztown University
Admissions Coordinator

Ms. J. Thompson, Admissions Committee

Ms. D. Wheeless, B.A., J.D.,
Connecticut College, Colombia University
Program Historian

Mr. S. Mendez Catlin, B.A., M.M., J.D.
University of Pennsylvania
University of Miami School of Law
Program Co-Founder, Alum, Residential Coordinator

Mr. R. Ramirez, B.S.
Drexel University
Program Alum & Admissions Committee

Ms. J. Dempsey, College Senior
Florida State University
Program Alum & Resident Advisor

Past & Current Workshop Facilitators

Dr. Z. Airall, Ph.D. 
Vice-President for Student Life @ Duke University

Dr. L. Chin, Ph.D.
Director of Multicultural Affairs @ Duke University

Ms. A. Purkey, ARNP
Mr. E. Catlin, B.A.
Mr. G. Sheppard, B.A.
Mr. I. Douglas, B.A.

  • We have broadened horizons through exposure to various environments.  Where have we been?
  • Ireland
  • Great Britain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain

In the U.S.
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington D.C. 
College Exploration
  • 4 day College Road Trip to 7 colleges in Florida
All our participants become members in the Congressional Awards Program

  • Our members all have graduated from high school an 97% have enrolled in college.  
  • 100% of those enrolled, have graduated from college or are on track for graduation.
  • 100% became active in their high school student governments 
Highlighted Projects
  • MOOD: March Out Of Darkness
  • Teen Hotline founded by a RYLP student
  • Food Pantry Packaging: group participation
  • Mock Trial
  • Organize & Implement a Student Judicial Council at the local elementary & high school 
  • Various Fundraising activities
  • European Excursion
  • College Road Trip
  • Northern Adventure
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