Renovatio Youth LeadershipProgram

The Beginning 

Renovatio is Latin for ‘rebirth’.   Our leadership program is a time of rebirth for underrepresented high school students.

Our goal is to help them set meaningful, realistic, personal and career goals. Our members are engaged in experiences that enable them to view college as a possibility.  They are then immersed in activities that provide the necessary tools not only to be successful in college but to be prodigious leaders. We nurture their vision of civic engagement and sow the requisite skills to be meaningful contributors to our society.

How did we start? We noticed a gap in the membership participation of other programs and found they were not servicing an entire segment of society.  Why? Because the programs were very expensive.  Our goal is to reach that segment of the population and offer them an equitable, yet affordable, opportunity through merit and need based scholarships. 

Our motto: Invenimus viam aut faciemus  (We will find a way or we will make one!)

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